The Civil War Boardroom Silliness

Have you ever asked yourself why the civil war has to be viewed as such a bad thing?┬áHere is the deal. Once there was a little boy name Bobby Eleanor Lee. He never had a place to lay his head until one day, he came home to a gigantic bean stock growing in his room. He started climbing this ladder sort of thing until he reached the heavens. Now, I know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with the Civil War whatsoever. I know, it doesn’t really. But then, after not knowing where he was for years at a time, he began to recruit soldiers for the south. He was throwing beans everywhere and making a complete mockery of the Yankees in the north. Anywho, there isn’t much time to describe what was going on with this guy, but you kind of get my drift. I hope you enjoy our open forum site.